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This project focuses on works by two authors, Anne Devlin and Lucy Caldwell

Anne Devlin

Anne Devlin, a Belfast native, is known for her plays and short stories, many of which feature female protagonists who live in the Andersonstown section of Belfast. Born in 1951, she is the daughter of Paddy Devlin, a founding member of the Social Democratic and Labour Party, and was surrounded by political discourse from an early age. For this project, we decided to use her plays Ourselves Alone, After Easter, and The Long March.

Picture from Mal McCann

Lucy Caldwell

Lucy Caldwell writes short stories, novels, and plays. She is also from Belfast, Ireland, though she currently lives in London, England. Her work centers on growing up in Troubles-era Belfast and the lives of women post-Good Friday, or even during the rise of the Celtic Tiger. For this project, we decided to use her novels Where They Were Missed, The Meeting Point, and All the Beggars Riding, and her collection of short stories, Multitudes.

Lucy Caldwell