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This project was inspired by a fascination

with how female characters

in works by Irish women writers

move through political spaces.

We started with works by Irish women writers,

in which female characters cross through

and inhabit political spaces.

We found two authors who stood out

as writing novels and dramas

showcasing the mobility

or lack of mobility in politically segregated

areas of Northern Ireland,

such as Belfast:

Lucy Caldwell and Anne Devlin

Therefore, we took works by those authors

and created digital editions of those works

for research purposes

We created those digital editions using

Tesseract OCR software

Next, we used XML markup language to tag

what we thought were important features of the works:

characters and the locations in which

those characters move

We extracted that information

into CSV files and

imported them into QGIS

In QGIS, we created maps

highlighting the movement of female characters

across political boundaries

in comparison to male characters

The political spaces were determined using

census data

The maps were informative and

displayed interesting information

about the movement of female characters

through politically segregated Ireland.

For more information,

contact Fiona Carter at or Kelli Maloy at